Commissioned Paintings Demystified

An original work of art, made especially for you! Since I get so many questions about my Emotion Portraits™, I thought I would address them in a simple post. 😊 Many people consider commissioning a portrait to celebrate and honor someone special in their... read more

Forever Twin & Out-of-Touch in Stockholm Art Fair

Leila Cromwell-Lönnroth, Galleri Skarpans, will present Forever Twin and Out-of-Touch at the Affordable Art Fair 2019 in Stockholm. Both pieces talk about total interdependence. These moments of connection, silence, movement. Out-of-Touch was created as part of the... read more

Walk on the Fairy Trail | May 29 – June 22, 2019

Let’s take a walk on the Fairy Trail! Souvenirs, souvenirs: here is the virtual pop up show that happened at Galleri Skarpans in Åland Island from May 29 til June 22, 2019. Leila Cromwell-Morgan Lönnroth runs the gallery with talent and elegance. Another great... read more

Embrace Failure!

“We can’t stop now. I thought I’d stop when it was going well. But now it’s going very badly. It’s too late. We can’t stop now.” Those words come straight from “A Giacometti Portrait”. James Lord sat for eighteen days while his friend Alberto Giacometti did his... read more

Santtu, the Horse in the Living Room is Back!

“Liberating” “It’s hard!” “Relaxing” “Just focusing on one thing…” “New perspectives, new angles” “I want to draw more”   Featured in HBL Click the logo to read the full article in Swedish I don’t know where to start to talk about our session in... read more

After All What is Creativity?

As February comes to an end, it’s the perfect time to reflect on winter ; the season of…creativity. For me, creativity is closely linked to the space we are moving in. Because creativity is always there with us, our job is to make room for it to come out…... read more

8 Secrets to Enjoy Finnish Winter

1. Look for the yellow and violet Colors’ difference is what stroke me the most when I moved to Finland from Italy. Life here is violet and yellow when in Southern Europe or even in the US, life is blue and orange. I talked a lot about that with people in... read more

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