Your Christmas Shopping List Continues

ORIGINALS UNDER $250 A SELECTION OF DRAWINGS Each drawing is ready to hang. Shipping is included. Click on the image you like to see a full description. A SELECTION OF PAINTINGS Each painting is part of the Fairy Trail Serie. It is ready to hang. Shipping is included.... read more

Your Christmas Shopping List!

ESSENTIALS UNDER US$55 THE ART BOOK | US$55 . THE PRINTS | A SET OF 5 FOR US$25 FOR HORSE LOVERS | 3 BOXES FOR FOREST LOVERS FOR NATURE LOVERS FOR WATER LOVERS FOR SEA LOVERS These prints can be used as greeting cards but also as prints in a frame! A nice and chic... read more

8 Secrets to Enjoy Finnish Winter

1. Look for the yellow and violet Colors’ difference is what stroke me the most when I moved to Finland from Italy. Life here is violet and yellow when in Southern Europe or even in the US, life is blue and orange. I talked a lot about that with people in... read more

What Do You See?

One can see different things in a single art piece. This is what happened to Léa. At the initial viewing, Léa saw a heart shape in the piece that later became her Emotion Portrait™. It is funny how people know almost instantly their favorite one but they... read more

Featured in the Glamorous Finnish Magazine Gloria

Discover extracts of the article about my work in Gloria magazine, through the words of Jenna Kämäräinen and the lens of Anni Koponen Compliments to Finland   “Marie has been living in Helsinki for more than a year now. She is impressed with Finland, its... read more

What Did Van Gogh See?

Talking about Van Gogh often leads to clichés that have nothing to do with the visual world: the last auction record, speculations about his cut ear or the grasshopper found in one of his painting (banal event when one does plein air painting…). I would like to share... read more

The Thousand and One Greys

Unlike what we think, Finland has one of the most colorful and bright winter. The intensity of colors is striking. And what we could think of grey is in fact a multicolor palette…I know it is hard to believe…So I have studied hard this winter… Work... read more

4 Ways to Celebrate your Sensitivity

1. Walk in a forest or with flowers in the metro Did you know that trees communicate and protect each other by generating hormones? When you walk in a forest, your heart beat slows down, your senses awake and your brain gets oxygenated. A Japanese researcher found... read more

What Kind of Drawing Are You ? Take Quizz!

What if the drawing style you like was talking about who you are? Have you ever wondered what kind of sensitivity your personality most aligns with? Visual art and sensitivity have this in common: It is hard to put words on it. But it’s not because we... read more

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