In our head, everything is possible. It takes some time to make it happen though. I can only imagine how much space this dancer and freediver had to create to come up with this piece!

For me, creativity is closely linked to the space we are moving in. Because creativity is always there with us, our job is to make room for it to come out…

Patterson movie from Jim Jarmush talks about this space where creativity flourishes. Those moments when everything becomes wonders. An eye is a diamond. Drinking a glass of fresh water feels like hiking on a glacier, a random chair looks like a royal throne. Everything feels infinite, indivisible, so unified. Watch below the scene where Patterson writes the Ohio Blue Chip poem.

I know a street in Washington DC in Cleveland Park where I feel like in Patterson movie. For some reasons, each time I pass by that fairly insignificant house, I feel this wave of creativity washing over me.

Everything is possible. Enjoy your space.

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