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Through my art, I encourage sensitive people to connect with their emotions. I use nature, and more specifically horses, to interpret what people feel and translate their sensitivity in drawing or painting.

Hypersensitive and raised with social conventions that discouraged the expression of emotions, I first attempted to adapt to the external world by denying my emotions until ‘I was out of my feelings’. When I was 25, I was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease that turned my life upside down. I started to paint again. I connected with nature through my work with the World Wildlife Fund. I was very impressed to meet with communities who live everyday with an hostile nature like in Namibia. It gave me the courage to face my sensitivity.

I fall in love with horses when I was eight. It’s only when I started to draw again that I realized the vital role they played.  Hypersensitive creatures by nature, horses were my lifeline because they were speaking the language of emotions. Horses mirror our emotions. We can’t pretend or lie to them.

Now I am a full time painter. I work primarily on commission to create a unique emotion portrait™ that deepens the unspoken connection with horses. It all starts with an interview where the patrons share their emotions. Their perceptions and feelings are the raw materials of what will become their art.

Everything I know about art I’ve learned from horses.

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